Thursday, October 22, 2009

Talk Thursday // Technology

Kip crooned it well: "Yes, I love technology But not as much as you, you see. But I still love technology. Always and forever."
As much as I'm phobic of robots (and all robotic practices), I love me some technology. Microwaves, cell phones, Skype, computers, hair straighteners, iPods - you name it (other than the Roomba), I love it. While I was out of the country, I missed my cell phone and my computer more than was probably healthy. I watched other people talk on their phones and started getting the shakes. At one point, there might have even been a dream about Facebook. And right now, I have no internet access at my apartment. I haven't checked my Facebook in two days; it's slowly eating away at me.

It's a sickness and Jesus and I are working on it. up and share: how addicted to technology are you? What piece of technology do you think you couldn't live without? Would you sing a ballad to technology?


TS said...

I, too, have no internet access where I live. I know I can live without technology, but the hardest part is lacking the convenience of being able to find information at any given moment. Also, prior to reading this, I totally had that song from Napoleon Dynamite in my head as a result of a technology issue at work today.

JD said...

i thought going without a cell phone would be hard; it turns out the only people have problems with it are the ones who want to get a hold of me.

facebook. definitely. without a cell phone, facebook is my connection to the outside world.

wv: equel - poor (but probably accepted) spelling of equal. welcome to 21st century american education!

Christopher Maples said...

Technology is my friend, but that annoying friend who visits every day so much that you can't think of what the day would be like without that friend. Somedays that's a fond thought. Others... well.. not so much.

Jenny said...

I love my iPhone more than is probably healthy. I just don't remember what I used to do to fill the time when I was driving/waiting in line/sitting still in general and didn't have the ability to check facebook,answer emails, text incessantly, youtube or google with just the push of a touchscreen icon. I know it's a problem. I am trying to get it under control.

TenaciousT said...

I sometimes am absolutely convinced that I'm overly addicted, but then I'll have an entire day go by that I choose not to use any of it, and I don't even miss it.
But if the choice isn't mine? Yeah, I die inside.