Thursday, April 15, 2010

Talk Thursday // Focus! Laser Beam!

I am an easily distractable person. I have what my pastor calls "AD...OLTACD" - Attention Deficit...oh look! There's a Chicken!" Disorder. Shiny things, conversations, music, shoelaces, Dr. Pepper, paper clips, folding napkins - anything can distract me from what whatever task is at hand.

So in order to help me once, my friend Tim demonstrated the noise of a laser beam to get me to a laser beam. "SHINGBANG!!" is the sound byte I hear every time I need to focus on something that I'm not currently focusing on.

As we approach the end of another school year (for some of us), the start of a highly distractable season (summer), and the impending glory of freedom (vacation), I want to ask how you, my loyal readers, focus. What methods/motivations do you utilize to help you push through on mundane tasks? Do you have a specific thing that helps settle your mind on work/school/tasks?

For me, NickelCreek, DeathCab for Cutie, Rascall Flatts, Billy Joel & Elton John are my "focus" music. In college, when I listened to these artists, I could bust out a paper in a matter of hours. And if they're in my head when I'm at work or doing school work now, I'm able to get through. As far as motivations, knowing that the end is nigh is always a brilliant motivator (probably because I know how far behind I am and in order to pass classes, I have to work hard to catch up!).

So what about you? Are you even in crunch time?

P.S. If there was a shark with a laser beam, I would TOTALLY focus!!!


Stephen said...

Oh! What about laser cats?!! Yeah!

You like Nickelcreek? So do I! I can't figure out what Heather has against Nickelcreek.

One more thing: I don't think a laser beam makes a noise. It's light. Lawyered!

JD said...

audio adrenaline usually helps me focus. along with cheez-its and dr. pepper.

internet is a huge distraction for me, even when i'm "doing work" on it. there's always a link to click, something else to read about, someone else's status to check/comment on/like/etc.

focus for me is, unfortunately, something that comes very infrequently. i've found that i can't focus at all at home; its been that way since i lived with my parents. i have to go away somewhere, be alone but around people, and usually drink coffee.

even in writing blog comments, i'm all over the place. wtf?

Sara said...

Pretty much any country music will wake me up and get my energy going. Even when I'm doing stupid crap at work that's super boring, having country music on really makes me happy and gives me something to sing along to when I'm working. Having that distraction actually helps me get through the work quicker because I'm not focusing on how boring work is. :) -Kempey

Lydia said...

Your blog is pretty much one of the biggest reasons I get un-focused.