Friday, April 2, 2010

Talk Thursday // Eggs, Deities, and Marketing

Oh man! I totally got you guys! That was awesome! You totally thought!!...but I!!....oh man!! April Fool's Day classic!! Making you think there was no Talk Thursday! Bahahahahahaha!!!!!

Ok, that was a lot of exclamations. I apologize. Moving on....

Seeing as how we're in the spirit of the Easter season and there are so many different opinions and viewpoints on this particular holiday, I'd like to ask how you celebrate Easter. I assume that most of my readers don't have kids (and by "readers" I mean the 3 of you that I KNOW don't have kids), but if you did, what would you teach your children about Easter, the bunny, Jesus? How did your parents explain all of it to you? What did you do when you found the Easter Bunny wasn't real but he was your creepy neighbor? Whoa...weird.

And Bonus question: who would win in a street fight - Jesus or the Easter Bunny? Jesus has angels, the Easter Bunny has hard-boiled eggs flying 87 miles/hour at your face.

And go!


JD said...

that was so a strongbad intro.

and you forgot a reader: your fourth, who does have a kid.

i actually found a book at walmart about easter. i don't remember what it's called, but its a board book that talks about the easter bunny, the eggs, getting dressed up and going to the parade(?) and church. then(!!) it shifts gears and exclaims that easter is about NONE of that, but is about God sending His Son to earth to die for the sins of all people. of course, it ends with people sitting in the pews and praying, but the last line reiterates the point: all that other stuff is ok, but easter is about God's Son! plain and simple; nuff said.

of course, we'd then have to turn to nt wright's "surprised by hope" (and probably most anything else he's written) to explain the implications of easter. but paul summed it up nicely: love your neighbor as yourself.

Anonymous said...

I also have a kiddo, and often read your blog :) Zac is pretty young still, and not too sure about what's going on. I'm teaching him that the easter bunny (and santa) aren't real, but just fun pretend guys. That way, he isn't missing out on the fun stuff, and won't have an epic meltdown in five years when he finds out the truth. I want there to be a clear difference in his mind between the made up stuff and the stuff that really matters. So, he knows that all his presents and candy and whatnot are really from mommy, but he doesn't care. This way, I can teach him about the real reason that we have these holidays, and not worry about him being confused about which parts are real and which parts are made up.

Sarah Cotter

Sarah Lewie said...

Man! I missed two readers w/ kids! My sincerest apologies. But thanks for being part of Hephzibah...even when overrun with little people. =)