Friday, April 30, 2010

Today Is A Good Day For Bad Poetry // Friday edition

Miles and miles
Of files and files
Typing and griping -
It's the boredom I'm fighting
Rockin' country jams in my ears
Helps to chase away my working day tears
I'm double-fistin' the day with coffee & water
Haven't you heard? I'm Don & Juanita's daughter!
We're mid-way through the day -
"Dear Jesus, speed it up!", I pray
Once in a while I'll get up to walk
And mosey on over to where I can talk
People here think I'm a little weird
But it'd be worse if I was the lady with the beard
Soon enough I'll get to go home
"Can't I just rest?!", I'll inevitably moan
But my homework awaits
Thus this Friday night, I'll have no dates
Not really so shocking -
luckily my biological clock ain't tick-tocking
Wow, that got weird fast
I wonder how long I can make the awkward last....
This crappy poem took up some time
but I think I'm all out of rhyme(s)
I hope you all have a wonderful day
Go outside, get some sun & play!
Apparently that's all I got left.

(This poem brought to you in part by:
Insomniax Coffee Co. - Freshly Squeezed Juice is on 15th!
More Like Seuss - Read what the funny is!
Big R Radio - Country for everyday
The huge @$$ tower of files behind me)


zdbuya said...

wow.. you used double fisting and referenced your lady parts clock all in one sitting.

nice work

Sarah Lewie said...

That was all for you, buddy. ;)

Jenna said...

Bahahahahahah! YES!