Monday, June 14, 2010

Partial/Nuclear Family Photos

When you have big moments to capture, it's inevitable that you take pictures. Luckily, we Lewis' got lucky with Karen Wang - photographer extraordinaire! Rachael graduated this last Saturday so we took advantage of the time to do some partial/nuclear family* photos.

Some family photos are awkward.

Some are dumb.

Our's were just straight up awesomeness. =)

Check out Karen's blog to view some Lewis' in the sun.
And check out Karen's blog if you need someone to do great photos in the Seattle metro. (She did Rachael's senior pix and I approve.)

Yay for awesome pictures! =)

*referenced as partial/nuclear family photos because we were missing Stephen Cowden - our BIL. He needs to know that the pictures (and good times had during) would have been greatly improved due to his presence. As a consolation, I'll send his wife back to him temporarily. ;)


Sara said...

SO adorable!!!

kwang said...

you are amazing. thank you for those kind words, too sweet :)

Stephen said...

Those photos are fantastic! Sad I couldn't be there, but you all look great!