Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Thoughts w/ Sarah Lewie

I was reading through some Proverbs last night and stumbled across a verse that I've probably read a bajillionty times before, but it struck a nerve last night.

"The wise in heart will be called understanding, and sweetness of speech increases persuasiveness." (Prov. 16:21, NASB)

Wisdom has always been something that I've desired - making wise choices with my time, financially, my relationships, food, future plans, etc. And I constantly feel the struggle to make wise, godly choices. HOW do I make those wise, godly choices everytime when it is just so ding-dang hard to do?

In reading this verse, I wonder if what Solomon is saying is that those who are wise [in heart] are those who are understanding. Understanding of what? People? Situations? Maybe those who are empathic? If this is the case, maybe then the struggle needn't be me against myself and my own inability to understand my situation, but that I become capable of understanding others.

And this is love. Out of that love comes sweetness of speech. Then if I'm desiring that others perceive me as wise (or at least capable of making wise choices) my method becomes sweetness of speech, caused by love for the people I'm around because I am choosing to understand them and their situations. This gives me God's wisdom at heart because everything boils down to showing love to others, which is how we also show our love to God. Wisdom caused by the ability to love others as we have been loved???

God just blew my mind.

Granted, I could be totally off my rocker here. Solomon could have been completely talking about something else entirely. But if God's never-ending intention is that we love Him and we love others, seeking His wisdom can't be that far off base. =)

Ok, random thought over. Happy Wednesday. =)

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