Friday, June 25, 2010

Talk Thursday // Back Where I Come From

I feel like I haven't blogged in a really long time. And that is no bueno (look at me...bein' all bi-lingual =) ).

As you may or may not have heard (for those of you who AREN'T creepy Facebook stalkers...), I just accepted a permanent-full-time job as a patient care representative for GroupHealth's Behavioral Health Access department. You may remember this same department as the one that produced such art as this or this. I've been at this job for a while, but will be stepping into a new role. And I'm pretty stoked (not least stoked for the coming health coverage! Woot woot!).

Part of my job training for this new position requires me to travel to our downtown Seattle office to work in one of the Behavioral Health clinics. I have been training for the last 3 days and through the grapevine, I think I have another week or so to go.

Being down in the Seattle office has opened my eyes to a whole new world: public transit (ooooh!). I catch the train from Auburn to Seattle, then jog over a couple blocks to the Light Link and at its last stop, hop out and walk the remaining 8 blocks or so to my office. I've never ridden public transit, so it was a frightful experience that first day.

However, over the last several days, I have become more confident as I walk the city streets of Seattle. It is definitely a different vibe than walking around the 'burbs of Auburn, Maple Valley or Federal Way. iPod in, music blaring, looking straight ahead - NO EYE CONTACT! This I do not care for. I am a social entity. I need to wave hey to people, to smile and say "good morning"....this no contact thing is not a happy time for me.

Over the last few days, I've pined for the quiet 'burg of Bolivar, where you walk to the square, greeting everyone you pass. Or as you drive down the road, you wave to the cars passing. It's a homey feeling. And I like that.
But I do get along in Seattle. The metropolis is booming and busy and energetic. Quite honestly, I could go either way.
In the spirit of Talk Thursday (which has now become Talk Sunday), which do you prefer? Are you a metropolite or a down-home kind of person? City or country?


Matt said...

"This" or "This" has no hyperlink, so I am uncertain what kind of art was produced that you speak of.

I miss Kansas City for sure. It is much different than the small big city of Branson, which has a very wealthy suburbia feel about it as well. But I am growing more and more reacclimated to Branson as I spend more time here.

Heather said...

Well, I think I am more of a city person. Although, I think of BIG city when I think of city, like Seattle or Kansas City. Waco is kind of an in-between place and that's sort of been frustrating. I think Stephen could go either way, big city or small town. He definitely liked Bolivar more than I did. But we have discussed how Waco is too in-between.

KB said...

I've decided I want both. I want a condo in the city and a vacation home in the countryside (when I win the lotto that is...)

Stephen said...

Heather writes the truth; I did come to enjoy Bolivar. I think the key for me is knowing people. I liked that I knew people in Bolivar. Some folks think that it is easy to get to know people in a big city, but I think (as you pointed out, Sarah) that many people in a city are very private and closed.

All in all, a large city holds an artistic and cultural appeal for me, but I certainly don't mind the simplicity of small town life.

Lydia said...

Hehe. You said you could go either way. :)

I'm gonna have to go with the burbs. Proximity to New York was really cool, but spending everyday in it made me feel too crowded.