Thursday, June 3, 2010

Talk Thursday // Gleek

My sister had oft spoken of her deep desire to be in a Broadway musical, despite her current hiatus from public singing. And she could do it; she would rock the Casbah. True story.

I, on the other hand, while loving the spotlight and belting out a rockin' karaoke jam, am not made for the stage. Put me working the lights or sound or props and I'll be fine.

That's why GLEE works for people like Heather. And for people like me. It's chock full of power ballads done by relatively decent vocalists with a story-line that have to matter because everyone knows we're all just watching it for the music.

If you love Journey (and who doesn't?!), you should watch GLEE.

If you want to watch Idina Menzel absolutely DESTROY a Lady GaGa song, you should watch GLEE.

If you were ever in or desirous of being in a vocal group, you should watch GLEE.

If you ever felt like a loser/outcast in high school, especially when pitted against the cheerleaders and jocks, you should watch GLEE.

If you want to find a plethora of songs to belt out to in the car so that as you're driving down the road people look at you a little funny because though it's quite obvious you're not black, you are certainly attempting to sound like Whitney Houston, you should watch GLEE. (Wow...that one got personal...)

And if you are able to find expression to who you are through music, you should watch GLEE.

So, have I convinced you? Are you a GLEE(k)? And where do you belt out your power ballads? =)


Ms. Colbert said...

i LOVE glee. Sue Sylvester is one evil woman. Yet I love her.

i belt out my tunes in the car, shower, and even while sitting around in my house, but I save Queen songs for traipsing through the alaskan wilderness.

Chris Ryan said...

This is, indeed, one of the best shows on television currently. And, as you noted, mostly for the musical performances.

But there is a little bit there for everybody, too.

Heather said...

I love Glee. I don't know that I can call myself a Gleek, but I will admit to belting some Glee tunes in my bedroom while Stephen is at work. I don't know if I agree with the "rock the Casbah" comment, but I appreciate you. And I am so stoked to karaoke with you in less than a week! I've got some Glee-inspired jamz waiting to be unleashed in the Steer!

Stephen said...

"And if you are able to find expression to who you are through music, you should watch GLEE."

I disagree with this one. I think you should say, "If you are able to find expression to who OTHER people are through music that is NOT their own, you should watch GLEE."

And none of the other descriptions fit me. Is that why I don't really like the show? I'll admit that I do occasionally enjoy an arrangement on it, but as far as a music club in a high school, it's INCREDIBLY fake. The most real part about the show is the drama, which really does exist in high school (at least through the mind of a teenager). I appreciate that the show's writers actually address the teenage drama from a somewhat wise and lighthearted perspective.

I guess I give it mixed reviews. GLEE isn't really my thing, but I respect that others like it.

Sarah Lewie said...


How many times can I figuratively "LIKE" your comment?!?!?!?!?!?! WE are going ROCK the Casbah!!!

zdbuya said...

I heart Glee, and can i just point out the song to which NPH rocked sectionals and got his mojo back in the bar with? Eh? Great minds my friend, great minds.

I do enjoy the take on HS drama and that they find levity in it unlike most shows about it, kind of a saved by the bell aproach with good music. That's why I enjoy it even if I don't always like the way they deal with the drama. There is a mean streak in there that I find a little painful to watch sometimes.

But yeah, Glee is still worth the watch.