Thursday, June 17, 2010

Talk Thursday // Cereal Killers

It's no secret to anyone that I love cereal. Between cereal and Easy Mac (and my parents) I am able to survive. Cheerios and Rice Chex are my faves, but I don't discriminate. Except for Raisin Bran - that stuff sucks.

So I want to know, if you could be any type of cereal, which would you be? (Your reasoning can be based on anything from flavor to creepiness factor of the cereal's mascot.) I think I would be Fruit Loops. Fruit Loops are tasty, colorful, and they always make the milk taste good at the end. Plus Toucan Sam has a huge schnose - just like me. =)

What about you?


Nataliee xo said...

i think i'd be the froot loops too :)
just the fact that i love only eating one colour at a time and trying to convince myself that each one tastes different!

Ms. Colbert said...

I'd like to be Lucky Charms. Or maybe Trix.

If I were Trix, I'd give some to the stupid rabbit...just to make him shut up and go away.

Sarah Lewie said...

Nataliee, I totally think they taste different too! Good call.

And Sarah, I would choose Lucky Charms over Trix. But I like your logic. =)