Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This Is What Happens When Adults Take A Snow Day

It is once again winter in the Evergreen State. Not just the rainy kind of winter,but blizzard-Alaskan-super-charged winter. For two days the state was practically shut down due to ice and snow. And as a lemming, I decided to take a snow day. My roommate had a late start to her work day, so we decided that it wouldn't be a snow day without playing. Here is picture evidence that adults can play in the snow too. =)

The view from our front yard yesterday morning.
We were bundled and ready to play!
My BA snow angel.
Janet working on her snow angel.
We tried to make a snowman, but we're not so talented, thus it became....
A snow alien!

The day also consisted of a huge pot of coffee while writing a huge paper and a frozen, slippery walk to the deli. It was delightful and a great reminder that sometimes, even adults, need to stop and enjoy the snow. =)
Happy winter, friends!


zdbuya said...

I somehow am skeptical of this so called storm being what you would call an all out Alaskan ... whatever, when then snow is clearly only 3 inches deep.

how long did this blizzard last? 10 minutes?

Stephen said...

I would like to add to Zac's bluff-calling and say that these pictures are not from yesterday. I think it was more like last week.