Thursday, October 20, 2011

Days 11 & 12: Something Fun & Something Up Close

Today, I present to you 2 things that I love. Woot! =)

Firstly, my goal yesterday was to capture something fun. Which was difficult, since I was at work for 8 hours of the day.

However, inspiration came when I got home and saw Rosie banjo. She is beautiful, she is one-of-a-kind and indeed: she is fun.

I love her. We don't get to spend nearly enough time together, but I always have fun when we're together.

Today I was to capture something "up close." Me up close is a little scary, but then I saw my globe. Fun fact about me: I LOVE globes. And maps. True story. So I decided to "up close" the destination I'm headed to in less than 2 days: Israel. 

I am getting excited for this trip and the few minutes I got to spend with my globe reminded me to get more excited. 

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