Sunday, October 16, 2011

Days 7 & 8: Something New & Technology

I wish I had been clever and done something that was both new and technological. But since I'm trying to scrimp my pennies, I can't get new technology these days. =)

So for Day 7 I thought I would share something new I purchased due to the thing I've saving my pennies for (wow...a confusing sentence AND I ended in a preposition...amazing!).

These shoes and bag were purchased last week in preparation for my upcoming trip to Israel. I needed new walking shoes and who says "no" to a reason to buy a new bag? Not this guy! 

Day 8 was to "technology". Thus I present the piece of technology that allows my life to move forward on a daily basis. Oh, you'd think I'd say indoor plumbing or electricity or something? But brother lappy. After nearly 3 years, you think we'd grow apart, but no...I love this machine. Which is pretty impressive, considering how much I hate robots (and let's face it: Macs are pretty dang close). This piece of awesome let's me do my homework, talk to besties outside of Washington, watch ridiculous YouTube videos and generally procrastinate aforementioned homework. =) So it is with much adoration, that I present my 'technology' task for the day:

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Anonymous said...

My pastor's kiddos can't ever remember your name and refer to you only as my "friend who hates robots." Lol!