Friday, October 14, 2011

Days 5 & 6: Someone I love & A Childhood Memory

Yesterday I took a picture of my Grandma Dorothy. Because I love her.

Today's challenge was a picture of a childhood memory. As I thought about my grandma (because I hadn't yet posted the picture), I remembered how she used to sell Avon. Every Christmas each family member received Avon products as presents. As we got older, it became Avon makeup. Until we were in junior high, it was "play makeup" for my sisters and friends.  Eventually, my Grandma stopped selling Avon. But the memories remain.

When my mom went home to Tennessee over the summer, she brought back gifts from my grandma. And of course, it was Avon makeup. Truly some of the best makeup on the planet.

Today, I'm reminded of my Grandma Dorothy. And the fact that I need to call her. I'm also reminded of my childhood and how she loved us even though she was far away.

I love you Grandma. Thanks for the makeup. =)

Day 5

Day 6

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