Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Days 9 & 10: Faceless Self-Portrait & Something I Made

I'm fairly certain the 30 Day Photo Challenge was supposed to be one picture every day. However, I merged days 9 & 10 into one picture. I struggled all day yesterday to think of a way to express a "faceless self-portait." I could have put up my stock signature:

(that's me!)

However, it is a depiction of my face. Which was against that whole "faceless" part of the challenge. 

So instead I decided to do something a little more creative (thus accomplishing one of my original goals in this project). 

I created a "mind map" of sorts. Just a little something that portrays (portraits) me, but without my face. Therefore, I give you my expression of a "Faceless Self-Portrait": 

This is me. Depicted on a dry-erase board. =)

And yes, that took me all of yesterday. 

When I saw today's challenge, I was a little bummed cause I thought "hey! I made something yesterday! I should have waited!" And then I realized no one's grading this: I can do what I want. So what I wanted was to take a picture of the thing I made yesterday, which was my faceless self-portrait. I feel good about this. 

Tell me: what would your "Faceless Self-Portrait" say?

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