Friday, August 15, 2008

A Challenge

“It is wrong to assume that on the one hand there is a word, or a truth, and on the other hand there is a community existing as two separate entities, and that it would then be the task of the preacher to take this word, to manipulate and enliven it, in order to bring it within and apply it to the community. Rather, the Word moves along this path of its own accord. The preacher should and can do nothing more than be a servant of this movement inherent in the Word itself, and refrain from placing obstacles in its path.”—Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Discipleship (Bonhoeffer Works Vol. 4; Minneapolis: Fortress, 2001), pp. 227-28.

Bonhoeffer here is discussing the role of the preacher specifically, but couldn't we also draw the parallel for everyone? I may not be a preacher, but I want my life, in all capacities, to be a servant of God & to the Word of God. As Bonhoeffer suggests, let's strive to remove the obstacles that would hinder the Word from reaching people.

I don't know what this looks like, but I'll be thinking about it.


Michael Gilley said...

Dear Sarah Lewie,

You change your blog looks often. That is fun. You've gotta love Bonhoeffer and especially his encouragement to the true disciple. It is interesting to so often find the missiology of the disciple based in the self rather than the spirit of God. Today I was listening to a Christian band called Red and I told Brook that I didn't really care for their focus because I had read that they used to sing/play worship songs for youth groups but switched to harder music because they found out that more people would listen to what they were saying if they screamed. Is this really how the Logos is to be preached? Is this the spirit of Christ, the same man who against all adversity and in the hands of men who knew not gave his life willingly in a spirit of humility and a submission to the powers? Surely the message of the cross has taught us that the power of God is present in the weakness of our members and that the greatest amount of control is found in resisting the self's desire to obtain security through our own methods. Isn't it found to be foolishness to this world? Instead aren't we to give of ourselves and lay aside the fears of death in order to find strength in even the calmness of a whisper and hear our king triumphantly say, "It is finished"? All that remains: we want to be made just like him. And yet, we continually find ourselves placing blocks in the way of God's word instead interjecting, "No, I know the way." Our Father, help us.

TenaciousT said...

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