Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today brought to you by the letter: M !

My primary task at work is to make these

look like this:

Pretty. Standard. Nice.

Then, I get to file them all on 6 rows of this:

All. Day. Long.

And those were just the "M"s...
After a while, this is me:

But at least, I make pretty pictures when bored in staff meetings:
It kinda makes me miss this job.
10 am.... Is it Friday yet???


Anonymous said...

I thought for sure that you were over-exaggerating the deplorable working conditions, but seeing these pics of those files and that massive wall, I don't blame you for going nuts.


JD & Jen said...

you're welcome for the new sites. i usually get blog sites from guys who sit in front of me in my classes; they're typically always on someone's blog during lectures. then i go and find the blogs online - usually because said guys in front of me are faster readers than i am and i have to finish the post i'm on.

we're doing good. we had another doctor's appointment today (we'll be having them once a week from now until the baby comes). everything was fine. jen took a three hour glucose test today. we'll find out the results of that soon. school starts in less than a week and i feel like i have done nothing with my summer. and the baby could realistically be here at anytime. it's crazy to think about.

we'll be at homecoming in october, though, baby and all. are you going to be? hope to see you there.

Michael Gilley said...

Nice work. You've gotta love organization! It is too bad though that you don't get paid to do homework in a computer lab and move a sheet of paper two feet every now and then like the good old days. : )

Anonymous said...

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