Friday, August 1, 2008

Greatest Week of the Summer!

Most of you know that nothing thrills me more than a great shark story. If I'm watching a shark movie or show, I don't really pay attention to what else is going on around me.

So in honor of the greatest week of the summer, here are some fun shark factoids!

The whale shark is the largest shark in the ocean. According to the Discovery Channel, it has yet to be weighed, but they estimate an average weight to be 13 tons, with an average length around 50 ft.

This breed of shark is its own superhero! The rough sagre shark is said to emit a green luminescent light from it's belly. It is found in the Atlantic Ocean waters and is also called the "great lanternshark." Or, if it was a comicly-named shark, "Green Lantern Shark!" =)

Though not the largest or aggressive of the shark breeds, the blue shark is known for its ability to travel long distances because of its body shape and style. Also, they mature very quickly, becoming sexually active at 5 years old.... Babies makin' babies. It's a dang shame.

The lemon shark is aptly named for it's yellow-browned tinged coloring which helps to camouflage it on the sandy ocean floors.
Fun fact: Negaprion brevirostris literally means “the shark with the smooth teeth and the short snout.”

This obvious shark is a nomadic creature, finding the coral reefs a happy home. The hammerhead shark has few enemies, but will eat almost anything. Interestingly enough, the hammerhead will eat stingrays, who also have relatively few enemies. I think the hammerheads are taking revenge on Steve Irwin's untimely death...
It's true, I love the Great White. The deep-sea predator is feared and admired by all. There is no denying the power of this mighty sea creature, even though it is not the largest or most fierce fish.
The Great White Shark has a bite with the power of 1 ton/sq. inch. For their large and seemingly bulky bodies, they are deft and capable hunters, able to leap out of the water to catch their prey. Studies have shown that Great Whites only attack humans that look like their other prey (seals, sea lions, fish...), not as a menacing act of death.
I love sharks. I'm sad that this week is over, but rest assured, I will keep up on my fish facts and be ready for next year!
(All information here was gleaned from I'd hate to get in trouble for plagerizing...)


Pastor Bob said...

Sharks Ruuulllle!!...the oceans. And they are very cool. As a fellow celebreteur of this magnificant holiday, I really enjoyed your blog and I even learned a thing or two. Worth mentioning is that some people have theorized that the whale shark could have been the fish that swallowed Jonah; the science of it all seems right. But how horrible would it have been to be swallowed by a Great White (or maybe even a Megaladon)? Give Jonah a good terror on his way down.

Candace said...

I love the discovery channel! I like watching planet earth over and over.

I miss you! Somehow, for the last several months I've been under the impression that you are traveling all over the 50 United States. What are you really up to, or am I correct?