Monday, August 25, 2008

Today in Blog

For some, this man is simply a pundit.

For some, he is annoying.

Others say he has the moves of a jellyfish and the spine of a lobster.

I say, he may need to be my baby-daddy:

I loves me some Stephen T. Colbert. Mmmm....
"And that's The Word."


Michael Gilley said...

"And that's just creepy."

Candace said...

He could probably be your sugar-daddy, too. I bet he's got lots of coin. ;o)

Michael Gilley said...

Everytime you write SoCal I think of my gas bill cause it's called SoCal. Life is alright but way too busy to be wonderful right now. Btw, busy ≠ great and wonderful things. I'm learning about the babylonian exile.

That is too bad that we missed each other. I don't know if I knew you were going to be in MO. My trip was great and a good time to get away. The only problem was I had to work while I was gone, which I guess is a blessing that I do such work that I can travel with it. However, it was a somewhat bummer.

Fish fillets? hmmm... I haven't had fish in a while. Do you think I should? Mostly I've been making yummy sandwiches. And the cow jumped over the moon with the help of angels carrying it under the arms. Do cows have arms? They kind of do.

How's your job coming? Are you still bored or do you need some assignments from me. I can give you life half my homework and papers and you can write them. I'm sure you'd do a much better job on at least the OT papers. :-)

Is it raining in Washington? Oh, never mind. I see on that it is not. wait! are you in MO now?

sister 1 said...

Several posts ago, you said "let's kick this pig". And that is why you rock. I say that all the time here in good ole' MO and no one gets it... I don't even get it, but I love it and I love you and your crazy Stephen Colbert fetish...