Monday, August 11, 2008

Flavor of the Week. Err...Month

One of the blogs I subscribe to has a "flava" of the month to highlight some of the awesome blogs he reads. So, because it's Monday and filing has turned off my brain, I'm going to do that. Granted, I think only 4 of you read this, but I'll still bring out the "flava" and give a shout-out to the people that make my work day go by faster.


Whittaker Woman - This is the blog of Heather Whittaker, a mom who lives in the ATL. I don't know her from Adam or Eve, so yes, I feel creepy reading her blog, about her kids and whatnot. However, there is so much love and authenticity there that it I just know, creepy or not, I'm not going to stop reading. I've told her and I think we're cool. But anyway, it's fun and creative. Check it out.

Ragamuffin Soul - Carlos Whittaker is on staff at Buckhead Church in ATL. His blog is a crazy mess of creativity & chaotic awesomeness. Again, it's the authenticity coupled to the random that's kept me hooked to reading it. He's married to Whittaker Woman and it's neat to see the love that is there, even on the webpages.

DBW3 - Dr. Ben Witherington is a professor of New Testament as Asbury Seminary. I first heard of him when he came to SBU in 2006 as a guest lecturer and it was not love at first hearing. But, over time, reading his work has matured my reading lens on Scripture. It's crazy how prolific he is. If you like the NT (and you can't say you don't b/c it's Jesus!), you should check out this blog.

The Prodigal Jon - Jon Acuff has a plethora of blogs and sadly, yes, I subscribe to all of them. Stuff Christians Like is a sarcastic and brilliant look at the Christian sub-culture we live in. If you work in a cubicle, don't read this; you'll look dumb trying to not laugh out loud. Very funny. I thank my roomie often for turning me onto it. 97secondswithgod is a daily devotional-esque walk through the Bible. He's just finished Genesis and is starting into Exodus. It's not expository in nature, but it's good. Really, really good. He has other ones, so you just need to go read them. But I will say that The Prodigal Jon is my favorite. Easily.

These are just the "big kids" of the blogging world (at least the minute part of it that I read). Next month there will be more.

Who do you read consistently? Do you read to pass the time or is the highlight of your day? =)

And yes, I just learned how to link. I feel cool. =)


Mr. J said...

nice work s :)

I enjoy a good blog every day, so a few more to read will certainly help me out.

Just so you know, I read as well, so your count should be at least 5.

Hope you're doing well :)


JD & Jen said...

what about genuine faith? that's a good one. or let's see...there's mine (which i haven't updated in a while).

but one you should check out is a gospel-driven church. and from there you can find others.

he has something almost everyday and most days, more than once. good stuff.