Monday, June 29, 2009


Yesterday some friends and I went and watched a Seattle Sounders game. Now, you have to understand, I don't care for soccer. It makes me tired watching them run. And if I had my druthers I'd rather be watching American football. (One more month!!!)

But one thing I noticed is that you can' t be a "pseudo-fan" of soccer - it's all or nothing, baby. In the Qwest field seats, there is a section for the die-hard fans. You are required to stand the full 90 minutes and twirl your scarf about your head. (It kind of reminded me of a college football game.)

And this sport is international. There are no boundaries. If I could learn to like soccer, I could connect with anyone in most of the world.

The question then is, how to learn to love soccer? Hmmm....

I think perhaps it's best to learn by observing...

Perhaps I judged soccer too swiftly.... I could be a fan after all... ;)


Anonymous said...

We only stood forever at college football games because it was tradition to stand until they scored a touchdown. :)

TenaciousT said...

Nice one Adina, lol.

Also, it helps if you played soccer. Did you do the intramural at SBU? You should find a rec league near you (maybe through the school you're going to now, even) and play for a season or two.

Then you'll like watching it more. And I really enjoy watching it in Spanish, but that's because sometimes that's the only way I can find it on TV, lol. Oh, and it doesn't help that the guys are verrry cute!

Nic said...

I believe futbol is usually playing on ESPN2 on Thursday nights. Just in case you were wondering from one of the most obscure places. :)

wv: fauckin. country folks gettin' down real good. ;)