Thursday, June 11, 2009

Talk Thursday // Genie In a Bottle

Say you’ve found Aladdin’s magic lamp one day as you were walking along a gorgeous, white sand beach. Out pops Genie and says you get 3 wishes. You have to abide by his three rules: 1. You can’t ask for more wishes; 2. He can’t make anyone fall in love; and 3. He can’t raise anyone from the dead.

So, what are your wishes?


MoMountainGrrl said...

1. A Job
2. A huge collection of LPs
3. All the awesome trimmings for my jeep.

Sarah Lewie said...

Oh Genie?...

1. That Washington could be closer to Missouri (thus eradicating the need for such states as Kansas, Utah and Texas (no offense Kansasians, Utahites, or Texan readers).

2. That teleportation was completely, 100% possible for everyone (or at least for me and the people I like).

3. That I had the resources (monetary or otherwise) to "make it rain" on global missions efforts everywhere (with maybe some leftover to buy me the whole Word Biblical commentary set....)

Chris.Maples said...

1. To have the resources to finish my book (part of which includes gumption).

2. To be able to call forth delicious dishes for my consumption, and for any I might choose.

3. I'm not sure what to do for three, since your third reminded me of Jesus and I'm too selfish to think of something cool.

TenaciousT said...

first of all - what's wrong with Texas??
I mean, I get Kansas and Utah - they're just in the way - but Texas?

my wishes:
1. That I could make time stop whenever I wanted

2. That I had a private jet and a pilot's license.

3. That I'd never have to do hygienic rituals again (showering, brushing my teeth, etc) - I'd always be clean.

Jenny said...

1. That I could snap my fingers and be ready for the day (make-up, hair style, cute outfit, etc.) in the morning and then snap them at night and be ready for bed (face washed, pjs on, etc.)

2. A fully functioning (and well stocked) time machine

3. Probably that I would be at a weight and size that I was healthy and comfortable with permanently (including my "man hands" and "boat feet")

Those are just because I am feeling a lot of self-pity and vain right now. If I were to step outside of myself a little bit, I would probably not do #3 and I would do

3a. I would have an endless supply of money for Young Life worldwide (and I got to travel around and give it to people). :)

Really - I only get 3.... that's a huge bummer. :)

Nic said...

I would say, "Robin Williams! It's you! I'm such a huge fan of yours."

Then I'd say, "take away my lymphedema because I don't have the patience to wait and see how it could or will or won't be used positively."

Then I'd say, "help my wife find a job that she loves and feels as fulfilled at as I do."

and three, "give me the fairly odd parents, cause they're freaking hilarious."

That's what comes to mind now. I would not be a very good wisher. I can't think outside of the now very well, which makes me...

wv: trise.