Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Midday Distractions

Anyone else get distracted thinking about the mph it takes coffee to soak through a Kleenex and if anyone else has ever tried to come up with the equation?

So it's just me then? Ok.

Go coffee! Mush!
(Welcome to my brain)


Jamie said...

No, I've not wondered this before now. But I did just walk by a large empty cardboard box in a hallway & thought how I might jump out & scare someone.

Jenny said...

I don't understand anything that just happened.

Nic said...

No, but I usually question the potency of the klennex in terms of its absorption abilities. I also battle to call it a facial tissue when it is not, in fact, a Klennex.

wv: serionse
I'm being very serionse with you here.