Thursday, June 4, 2009

Talk Thursday // I Love My Curves

I have a problem.

Last year I lost a good amount of weight and inches while I was working at Curves. I looked better, I felt better, it's possible that I just was better. =) Anyway, since our club closed in January and I've been intermittently going to another gym, I have gained back all the weight and most of the inches that I lost since leaving Curves. And I am highly discouraged.

But I found my gumption and hightailed it back to Curves on Tuesday. Tonight is my first workout and I have a feeling I'm going to want to pass out. Or just pass out. Either one.

So what are you doing to stay in shape this summer?

If you have no set ideas, can I suggest your local Curves? ;) (Man... Gary Heaven really should pay me for advertising... seriously.)



Anonymous said...

Umm... I go up and down the stairs from my office to the children's area on the third floor. Does that count?

I have contemplated joining Curves here in town but then I decided to watch TV instead. :) It's no fun to work out by myself. :(

JD said...

in shape? what's that?

Megan Carry said...

I'm actually starting to run. I always said I would NEVER be the person that runs, that someone would have to chase me or something.

I got a pair of shoes (on sale) that are nike+ they have a place to put a sensor and it connects with your ipod to give you feedback and track your times, distances, etc. Being outside has made it so much better for me.

I'm also getting someone I know that knows WAY more about lifting weights etc. to make a little plan for me.

I started Weight Watchers last year and think with college and everything I'm going to have to stop going to meetings - I can't really afford it right now and there is NO way to tell how many "points' you're eating in Mellers.

But like I've learned in WW - it's basic burn more than you eat that it really boils down to.

I'd 100% suggest that anyone does WW - you learn so much and it helps put what you eat into a perspective that you can understand and help you make healthier choices - and you can still eat REAL candy or fast food - you just learn to make choices or eat something different that you like just as much.

That's my plan :)

TenaciousT said...

It's sort of the Subway Diet, but with more variety. Our new apt is within blocks of many many restaurant/fast food places so if we want to go there, instead of driving, we'll walk. We started with the closest (BBQ) and go to one a little further each time.

and we bought tennis raquets and started playing some, and swimming more. it's really about taking advantage of our apt complex!

Nic said...

I am drinking more water. Eating smaller amounts more frequently, and I hope to begin exercising more regularly.