Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shark Week 2009, Greatest Week of the Summer

I know I've mentioned before that sharks are my most favorite animal (alongside lions) in the world. I have been fascinated with sharks since I was little and Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is the greatest week of my summer. 

And it's here once again. 

Since I feel like I haven't been here much lately and this week of awesomeness is upon us, I have decided to celebrate Shark Week Sarah-style. (Which we all now is the best style. ;) )

To start things off right, please enjoy this video. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but mostly you'll just laugh. 

Happy Shark Week, everyone!!


Anonymous said...

I love that video!!! I miss roommate bunny video time. 21 days!!!

JD said...

bunnies are weird?

Jenny said...

honey - you know I love you, but... this obsession with bunnies has got to stop...

Sarah Lewie said...

What the heezy are you people going on about with the bunnies?! This is SHARK WEEK! Focus!