Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Goals: UPDATE!

It has officially been summer in the Lewis/Halpin house for 2 full weeks. And I have added and completed several goals for myself and my summer.

So without further ado:

Sarah's Super Spectacular Summer Schema!

* Write training materials for the Orchard
(outline accomplished)
* Pre-write one month's worth of lessons for Orchard
(accomplished with 3 months to go because of her super awesome BFF Adina and the generosity of Central Baptist Church!)
* Inventory Orchard materials
* Create Orchard budget

* Start Comprehensive Written Report for internship class
* Review Hebrew & Greek (likely closer to August)
* Read Genesis-Song of Solomon
* Translate Galatians
* Read ahead in textbooks (if possible)

* Reorganize bookshelves (they are not in alpha order and it's driving me NUTS) (accomplished)* Finish The Coffeehouse Gospel, All-Star Missions Churches, Crazy Love and all the Dean Koontz books that have been sitting on my bookshelf for the last 3 months
* Go on a road trip (or several)
- Cannon Beach #1!!: 5/18-5/20
- Cannon Beach #2!!: 6/4-6/7
- Wyoming!!!: 7/21-7/25
* Go to the drive-in movie (accomplished: Iron Man 2)
* Go on a date (but not like the two blind dates from last summer...those were BAD!))
* Ride bike to Flaming Geyser & back (14 miles)
- Ride bike to SR-18/Auburn-Black Diamond by end of May (4 miles)
(accomplished 5/15)
- Ride bike to Mosby farms by end of May (6 miles)
* Get a tan
* Upload all pictures to Facebook
* Make Rachael’s graduation present
* Lose weight (it's an every summer ordeal)

You guys are keeping me accountable. And I appreciate that. =)


Lydia said...

Summer Goals:
Make the most of a weekend visit to NJ.

Have all scheduled field trips go off without a hitch.

Successfully plan and teach 6 weeks worth of lessons to middle schoolers.

Lose weight!! Hopefully it'll work this time.

Go to Colorado over Labor Day Weekend.

Hmmm...i think that's it. Sorry this wasn't on the original Talk Thursday post. I hadn't made any summer goals at the time. I've been thinking about it since, and those are what I've come up with.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

To survive! It's going to be a crazy busy summer!


Jenna said...

BTW I am inviting myself to each one of those bike rides :)

Matt said...

There's just 1 goal you forgot...COME TO MISSOURI and see your brother!