Thursday, May 6, 2010

Talk Thursday // Summer Planning

Since Monday I've been contemplating what my summer will look like and how I will try and spend almost four months of not being in class (wooooohooooooo!)

Well, I've devised myself a little "to-do" list for the summer and I'm going to share it with you. =)

1. Ride bike to Flaming Geyser & back (this will require building up stamina)
2. Reorganize bookshelves (they are not in alpha order and it's driving me NUTS)
3. Finish The Coffeehouse Gospel & All-Star Missions Churches
4. Go on a road trip (or several)
5. Start Comprehensive Written Report for internship class
6. Write training materials for the Orchard
7. Pre-write one month's worth of lessons for Orchard
8. Go to the drive-in movie
9. Review Hebrew & Greek (likely closer to August)
10. Get a tan
(Bonus #11: Go on a date (but not like the two blind dates from last summer...those were BAD!))

I'm excited about this summer.

So I'm asking: what are your plans for the summer? What do you normally do? What do you want to do? And when are you going to come visit me? =)


Stephen said...

Similar to your Orchard planning, I've been thinking about how great it would be to plan Sunday services a month at a time! Unfortunately, with working so many hours this week, I haven't had the time to plan more than one Sunday in advance. Hey! We could be planning buddies!

Sarah Lewie said...

Let's do it, BIL! I've always wanted a planning buddy! =)

Juanita said...

God is amazing and if your desire is to honor Him with your time, He does amazing things. At one point at Celebration, a few months after starting to lead worship, I told God I did not think I could continue to lead worship because I just could not find enough time to plan the worship service well. He gave me the idea to plan several Sundays in advance and showed me that it would be much more efficient. I made a database for the music I used so that I could be sure when I had used a certain song. He gave me the energy to plan several weeks in just more than the amount of time that it had been taking me to do one week. I was able to do that because the pastor did not want to meet with me to connect the worship music with the sermon. But God is so awesome that many times the songs went with the sermon anyway. Sometimes I needed to change out a song here or there, but it worked well. Whether it is music or curriculum, you will find that God loves to do more through you than you can even dream or imagine. I can't wait to hear the reports.

Juanita said...

Whoops, forgot to answer the original question.
I plan to declutter the wash room and work room!!!!!!!!!I need help though!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I plan to sit in the sun a lot IF God cooperates and gives us lots of sun.
I plan to go to the beach.
I plan to go four wheeling at the sand dunes.
I plan to get the other flower bed weeded.
I plan to grow lots of tomatoes.
I plan to grow lots of lettuce and spinach.