Friday, May 21, 2010

Talk Friday // Passion

I like the beach.

I like ministry.

I like people who like the beach and ministry.

These things put together made for an excellent last few days. Our administrative coordinator/collegiate student minister invited me to accompany her to Cannon Beach for the Northwest Baptist Collegiate Ministry Conference. I'll be real: I was skeptical. I'm not a collegiate minister; I've never done collegiate ministry (SBU does not count); and I don't know anyone.

However, it was fabulous. The people were kind, they accepted me without any collegiate background and I made some wonderful connections, not just for myself, but also for our church and the community we serve.

And it got me to thinking: what was it that made these people come together? Why would they take three days out of their schedules to come to the beach and hang out? Ok, ok...that question just answered itself. =)

The answer to the first question, though, is PASSION. Those collegiate ministers had passion. Passion for their work, passion for their collegues, passion for their Lord, and a passion to do what they know they were called to do. Their passion for growing closer together as collegues, gleaning ideas for how to do their ministry better, and passion for how to help college students get to know Jesus better was evident the whole time.

So, what's your passion? Is there something in your life that you are deeply passionate about? That you would give up three days for? That you would change your life for? If there's not, there should be. I can't imagine living life without a purpose. And passions enable us to have purpose.

What's yours?

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