Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, kids, we're at the half-way mark for the football season. And I've been more than slightly disappointed in some of my teams and more than gloriously delirious in others.

So without further ado, here are Sarah's Top Teams' Rankings:

* Mizzou Tigers: Currently #12th in the BCS and the AP, with a 8-2 record. Yeah, that's right. And in two weeks: going against the KU Jayhawks. I forsee good things. =)
* Seattle Seahawks: This has been a DISGRACEFUL season for us. I don't even want to say what their record is. But I will. 2-7. Poor Mike Holmgren; it's his last year and his team is sucking up football. Sadly, though, because of our standings in our division, we're STILL not in last place, even with such a pitiful season trailing us. Pansy football players.... this is worse than high school. And yet, I still hope....

* Luckily, my back-up team, the TENNESSEE TITANS! are rockin' the NFL right now. Currently in 1st place with a 9-0 record, I think this is the Titans year, baby. And just so you all know, I'm not a "fairweather" Seattle fan, I'm just keepin' the love in the family. (Cause we're from TN.)

Oh you oddly-shaped piece of stuffed pigskin; how you make my heart happy.


Candace said...

I'm sad that I missed Thursday talk day, and since I don't know anything about football, I would like to share my Thursday ideas today, even though it is Monday.

I saw an elderly black woman on tv who said something to the effect of, "Now that we have a black president, we are finally equal."

My thought is, if that's what it takes for us to be equal, then we probably still aren't. There are a lot of other minorities out there. Do they have to become president too before we vote and live and act without seeing color or difference? This election should not have been about color, and for many many people, it was.

Jamie said...

There are not many things better than a Sunday afternoon watching football (after Costco of course). My husband is a crazy Seahawks fan from waaaay back. (My first gift to him in 1987 was a seahawks mug - still have that thing!) So yeah, its been a bit rough this season.

Every week I ask if the New York Bretts won - he doesn't appreciate it :)

lyds said...

friday night phone date?