Thursday, November 20, 2008

Talk Thursday // Phobophobia

So this morning I was getting ready for my day, I had just stepped out of the shower, and there, on my ceiling, was a spider. Now, I don't know about ya'll, but I can't STAND spiders. If I see one, or hear a story about one, I can feel them crawling on me. Then I see myself incapacitated by their venom and wrapped up in a web of nasty, about to be some spider-creepo's tasty treat.

At any rate, I decided to be brave (for once) and rather than let Mr. Spider continue on his path across my room, I would take action. I steeled myself for the deed and clambered up onto a chair with my piece of tissue held high. Unbeknownst to me, spiders are highly intuitive (possibly clairvoyant) and just as I was reaching to kill the vile little demon creature, he jumped away! I have no idea where he landed. For all I know he could be in my purse or on my bed, or on my bathrobe. Since I have no way of knowing, I will be paranoid until he is dead. ("D-E-D dead" name that quote!)

I share this story with you this morning to let you in on one of my little fears - spiders, and really all bugs/insects/things that crawl (yes, including babies).

So the question today: what's your fear? Are you arachnophobic, hydrophobic, germaphobic, chaetophobic, homophobic, lygophobic? (Thanks Phobia List!)

Me: arachophobic (as already stated), eremophobic (fear of being alone or of lonliness), Logizomechanophobia (fear of computers, but in my case, we'll just say robots).

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Michael Gilley said...

Fun. Well besides the obvious, inherited ones (burning, falling, sudden loud noises, painful death, etc.)

Agateophobia - fear of insanity (actually I find myself mildly afraid of succumbing to severe schizophrenia or some other inability and losing touch with reality)

Bathophobia - fear of depth (I typically don't like deep waters)

Bogyphobia - fear of the bogeyman, of course

Telephonophobia - fear of telephones or more likely teleophobia, fear of definite plans (this was the closest I could come to what I've noticed to be a tendency to delay business phone calls that I've needed to make. When I make them it's usually with some anxiety.)

Cary said...

Hm. interesting!

i can't think of anything I have a fear of, really.

If I had to pick one, I would say it would be claustrophobia (sp?), but I can kind of overcome that by going to my happy place in my mind. Takes a lot of concentration, but it works.

Just so you know, my word verification blank I have to fill with: zesfunke. How cool is that?!

Sage and Cinnamon said...

Well I'm sitting here thinking about what fears I have and am coming up with several things that I severely dislike but not sure I'd call it fear but phobia words are more fun
dishragophobia-fear of the dirty wet dishrag getting anywhere near my face unless its by my hand
germophobia-i wash my hands a lot sometimes they just feel dirty

A true fear I have though....not being a good enough parent....not teaching my child the right thing....that sort of thing

Chris.Maples said...

Automatonophobia- Fear of ventriloquist's dummies, animatronic creatures, wax statues - anything that falsly represents a sentient being

Eurotophobia- Fear of female genitalia. (Think that freaky pit monster from Star Wars. You know.)

Phagophobia- Fear of being eaten. (See above)

Taphephobia or Taphophobia- Fear of being buried alive or of cemeteries

Maybe not super phobias, but the thought of some of them makes me uncomfortable. :D

Cary said...

Thought of a new one:

aerophobia - fear of flying.

again, not a paralyzing fear, but daunting nontheless.

Candace said...

I definitely have a phobia of spiders. Hard core. In fact, I have a phobia of all creepy-crawlies. All insects, to be precise.

And I think I know Cary better than he knows himself, because he has Aviatophobia, fear of flying.

I would like to know who has Consecotaleophobia, fear of chopsticks. Anyone?

Candace said...

Shoot. I just saw his second comment. Guess he and I know him the same amount.

Cary said...

don't pretend to know me, woman.

i'm an enigma.