Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Talk Thursday // Happy Thanksgiving!

I know that the first thing everyone does on any major holiday is check my blog. And rest assured, I'm flattered. =)

Since Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, let's use it as the springboard for Talk Thursday:

What is something you are thankful for?
What is something you are NOT thankful for?

Remember: it's all about an attitude of gratitude. Gotta love cliches. 

Eat copious amounts of turkey. Have a happy Thanksgiving. 


Cary said...

Thankful: For my wonderful wife. If i had to pick one, that would be her.

UnThankful: hmmm...that's tough. I can't really think of anything I'm NOT thankful for... I'll get back to you on that one.

I love Talk Thursdays!

Chris.Maples said...

Thankful: For you. ;)

UnThankful: Distance from you. ;) ;)

Word Verification, elkwo. Is that no amazing?

Sarah Lewie said...

I am thankful for that my parents let me live rent-free. So maybe I should just be thankful for them. =)
I'm also thankful for my church - I needed a place to serve and I'm loving that.

I am unthankful that I'm so far from my friends. I wish I were closer to the people that know my heart so well.

Cary, I agree with you: I love Talk Thursdays too. =)

And Mr. Maples: flattery will get you everywhere. That being said, you need to come up here and hang with me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicholas Lamar. said...

I am thankful I got to see my family for Thanksgiving and that my grandmother was still alive and in good spirits (she's 84 and was just put on oxygen and Hospice).

I am not thankful for my laziness that is going to take a major bite out of my ass (which may not be a bad thing) in the next couple of weeks completing assignments, job searching, taking finals, giving presentations, moving, and wedding planning. Whew. I'm tired already.

I wish we were closer as well. Love you.