Friday, November 14, 2008

A New Phase

If you know me, you know I'm scared to death of making decisions. Even the smallest of decisions are fraught with worry and dismay - where to eat for dinner, what to wear to church, what to do for the next five minutes. It's ridiculous, I tell ya.

But I've made a big decision. And God has been so good to continue guarding my heart and mind in this.
I will be attending Multnomah Seminary in Portland, OR starting this coming January.

(If you're able, imagine a jumping up and down/dancing like a fool Sarah right about now...cause that's how I feel.)

Seminary has been a long process, but I'm so excited to start something new, to be working for something, to have a goal, a purpose. And I get to do it close to home.
Thanks God. For keeping my spirit in tune with Yours. For guarding my heart and mind in Christ. For opening new doors. For closing doors that didn't line up with what You wanted for me. For putting people in my life to support and encourage. For opportunities. For growth. For Your unfailing faithfulness. Thanks.


Candace said...

Wow! CONGRATULATIONS! I am very very happy for you. I know how difficult that kind of decision can be. And I also know what a joy it is to be able to go to school closer to home. So it just sounds like everything has fallen into place very nicely for you. This is very exciting!

MoMountainGrrl said...

That is wonderful! Hooray for happy dancing.

I am up to no good, as usual. Just counting down the days til December 19. I'm ready to graduate. Until then, I'm living in Republic and student teaching out at Willard. It's good. Very good.

Zach, Your Neighborhood Admissions Counselor said...

Congratulations and welcome to the Multnomah family!!!