Monday, November 3, 2008


As promised here are the pictures from Halloween, plus some. =)

Me and my mazzah. She was a pumpkin that was still attached to the ground.

When I was in college, I decided that I wanted to marry someone whose last name was "Yode" so I could be "Sarah Yode", which is funny because a sereyodh in Hebrew is a vowel pattern (long e, y) signifying a genitive construct, usually in form of a possession.

Well, I can be that cool without getting married. =)

Yeah, that's right.

Some good times from a HS soccer game and the corn maze. Woot.

I love fall.....

1 comment:

Deliveredjude said...

2 Things:

1) Your last picture looks like Children of the Corn. (but I wish I was there in the corn maze with you)

2) I saw this video of John Piper's take on the political happenings currently and found it very interesting. I hope you enjoy it or at least find it thought provoking.

3) (Surprise!) I have a pretty big request for you. May we talk soon. (nothing dire, but it is important)