Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Talk Thursday // In Another Life...

The other day a friend and I had to take her little girl to the pediatrician. This particular doctor was just so good with my little Mexidorian friend that it made me think "In another life, I totally could have been a pediatrician. Not in this life. But definitely in another life."

Now, don't be concerned: I don't believe in reincarnation. I'm saying that I would love to do that - work with kids and make them feel better. I'm just not that smart. Or driven. 

You fill in the blanks: 

"In another life, I could have been ___________. "

"I am currently __________. "

Me? I want to be a missions mobilizer when I grow up. Cause that would be freaking sweet. And awesome. 

C'mon... your turn. =)


Nic said...

hahaha, that bottom picture is so creepy. He could be on the X-Men team...or he's on the J-Men team (J for Jesus, that is). "I'll take some of that."

In another life, I could have been a professional singer.

I am currently a student in my next to last/last semester of getting my master's in social work.

Jamie said...

I like this Talk Thursday...

In another life I could have been an artist or a journalist.

I'm currently a marketing specialist at a hospital.

JD and Jen said...

in another life i could have been a contractor - or a baseball player.

i'm currently an out of work, taking a break from school, mr. mom.

today's word is: surer.

Sara said...

I another life I would have been a great editor of a flourishing newspaper, think Citizen Kane. :)

I am currently a soon to be laid off staffer of a once flourishing newspaper owned by Hearst (which Citizen Kane was based on).

Cary said...

I could have been a professional musician. Not enough training in this life though :)

I am currently a Middle School teacher in Colorado. I very happy with where I'm at right now.

Other things I currently want to do with my life:
- Start some type of life-changing ministry
- Be a professional writer

I think there's more, just can't think of any at the moment.


Chris.Maples said...

"In another life, I could have been a graphic design artist working on t-shirt designs and church logos. "

"I am currently not."

Anonymous said...

"In another life, I could have been an rich. "

"I am currently not. "

I do wish that I was a mad talented artist that lived a carefree, cool, laidback,
gypsie-esque life.


Adina said...

I forgot how this was supposed to be phrased, so I'll just say what I want in the way I want. Growing up I wanted to be the organ player at Busch Stadium and I still do!

TenaciousT said...

In another life, I would be a columnist.
or a leader of a drama ministry.
or in broadcast journalism.

I am currently following my calling as a middle school teacher in Texas.