Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I recently told you guys that I was celebrating Febarple again due to my crazy intake of Dr. Pepper. 

The problem is that I also celebrate Lent. I want to give up something that means something. Not just give something up for the sake of the season or because it's not that hard to stay away from. Like, I can't say "Oh, I'll give up watching robot movies for Lent and that will be my fast." That's ridiculous. I can't give up something if I never do it in the first place. Jesus doesn't like that. 

But, since Lent starts TODAY and I'm still not sure what would be good (and the Lord isn't sharing His thoughts), I thought I'd ask ya'll for some advice. What would you give up for Lent? Are you giving up anything at all?

Happy Lenten Season! =)


Chris.Maples said...

I always come across this quandary the day after Lent begins.

*sigh* I usually forget about it until it's happened.

JD and Jen said...

i'm hoping to give up sleeping in. i think that if i get up at a decent hour, that maybe i'd be more prone to prayer and bible reading.

TenaciousT said...

I've been thinking about this for a while for myself and still haven't thought of anything... dang.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, it's a bigger sacrifice to do something that God wants me to do rather than give something up. This year, I am trying to be kinder to people I feel no affection for (i.e., difficult in-laws, the gossipy neighbor, the weird person in the grocery store, etc.) Sacrificing time and doing something my flesh hates is harder than giving up chocolate or coffee - although that would be a big sacrifice too! Maybe, this year I will show God how much I love Him, and do all of the above. Lord, give me strength - I'm going to need it!

Anne L.