Saturday, February 7, 2009

Time - She's a Tricky Mistress

It has been one year today since I've been home from Missouri. 

In some ways, it feels like I've changed.
In some ways, it feels like I've stayed exactly the same. 
And I'm not sure how I feel about that. 

I'm no longer "homesick" for Washington. 
Now I get "homesick" for Missouri. 

This is the place I know God wants me to be. At times that has been the only thing keeping me here. =)

It's amazing what a year does.
So much.
So little. 

"Time heals all wounds" - I don't know about that. 

"Time wounds all heals" often seems more appropriate. 

So here's to a year. 

What have you learned from February 7th, 2008 to February 7th, 2009?


Chris.Maples said...

I've learned that love doesn't happen like you think it will, emotions complicate everything, struggling against who the world says you are sucks, being someone other than who the world says you are rocks, and missing someone's touches are the most excruciating pain I've come across.

Nic said...

I have learned (since Sarah and I got engaged on February 2nd, 2008...I think) that marriage is about marrying his or her family as much as it is about marrying her or him. Yeah, that pretty much sums up my year.

Jamie said...

delayed comment time...
in the last year I have learned:

*I'm not the only one
*Healing sometimes hurts
*Jesus loves me
*Jesus still loves me
*Never say never

Anonymous said...

Time DOES NOT heal wounds. Your mind can rip open a wound at any time and cause pain. Accepting forgiveness from Jesus and forgiving those who have trespasssed against us is the only way to heal forever.