Sunday, February 15, 2009


Febarple: noun. A holiday designed for Lent-esque purposes, specifically in abstaining from beverage-related addiction consumption February 15-April 15 each year. 

Yes, friends, it's that time of the year. For those of you that don't know, each year (this is year #3) I celebrate a little known holiday called Febarple (defined above). The first year involved a bet - dinner for the winner (and I ain't gonna turn down no free dinner!) Since then I've simply been doing it for myself. I like to prove that I can do it. 

I love Dr. Pepper. You could seriously put it in an IV and I'd be golden. If I could, my pantry would look like this....

As I've mentioned before, I love traditions. This is a tradition I do, even though I do it by myself now. 

But these next two months will be tough because I RARELY go one day without my sweet elixir. I'm sure my dreams will consist of several variations on this:


**** UPDATE ****
Due to mass volumes (ie. 2) comments that my definition of Febarple should be expanded, I have done so above. If any of you care to join me in the tradition of Febarple of your own beverage addiction, let me know. It'll be a team-building thing! =)

I choose DP... what about you?


Jamie said...

Wow - I'm seriously impressed! As someone who nurses a serious addiction to Diet Pepsi (20 oz bottle preferred) I don't know if I could go without my apartame-sweetened elixir for so long - I never go a day without it!!

Good job slaying the flesh!!

Michael Gilley said...

Febarple is defined as abstaining from DP? Really? Cause I specifically remember backing away from all carbonated beverages. And I remember feeling sick the night we all chugged DP for the first time in two months. Anyway, the reason why I ask is that I'm now thinking about jumping on again but DP won't do it for me cause around here hardly anyone drinks soda. I usually feel embarrassed when I do, like I'm a loner who's feeding his body poisonous sugar water. Wait, perhaps that right.... Well, whenever I do drink it's usually Coke now. I'm not sure why. I haven't actually had the Dr. in several weeks I suppose (probably since then but I don't remember).

JD and Jen said...

my mother-in-law drins probably 6-8 coke zeros each day. she has to go to the store twice a week to buy soda. she starts her day with a coke zero and ends it with a coke zero. its kind of like coffee for her, i guess; makes sense, since she doesn't like coffee.

anyway, i agree with gilley that the definition should be expanded (though i doubt i would ever convince my mom-in-law to stop). it would be, however, a profitable venture for me. but maybe i'll start at lent.

Jamie said...

fyi - I'm drinking a diet pepsi right now & I feel slightly convicted :(

Chris.Maples said...

So THAT'S Febarple. You know, you told me about this so many times but I always forget.

I could not abstain fully from Coke or I'd die. But I do abstain quite well from the DP.

Juanita said...

So proud of you Ms. Sarah. I know you can do it!! I will be abstaining also - to support you - though I did mess up today - two swigs before I remembered to abstain. I am expanding to all soda.

Sara said...

carbonated prune juice?

Sage and Cinnamon said...

If I was brave I would join you in your abstinence of favorite beverage (mine being coffee) but I'm not that brave and I'd have to drink a whole heck of a lot of tea to make up the caffeine.

TenaciousT said...

1. How did you come up with the name Febarple?
2. Why did you choose the specific dates Feb 15-Apr 15?
3. How come the 2 month period instead of the actual lent period?
4. Do you think choices like Mr. Pibb, etc are viable options for your fast? Or do you just avoid soda altogether cause nothing compares?
5. Do I need to drink extra Dr. Pepper during this period of time to make up for business?? Cause I would totally do that for you ;)
6. Will you do anything else for lent, or do you just focus on this?

Sarah Lewie said...

@ Teresa, you ask good questions that I will address here.

Febarple was started b/c a friend and I were completely and totally addicted to DP and wanted to make a bet that neither of us could give it up for Lent. As we were trying to come up with the terms of the bet, we realized that Jesus might not like it if we used Lent to bet with. So we decided to create a holiday. Febarple happened to be named as such b/c it was going to fall in FEBruary, MARch and APriL. It was set for slightly longer than Lent to make the bet harder. Furthermore, it started Feb 15 b/c as a single lady, I need my DP on Valentine's day. It was going to end on April 15 b/c 1. that's exactly 2 months later and 2. that's tax day and what better way to celebrate tax season being over than chugging huge quantities of DP? And that's the story.

During this season, I will not be drinking any form of DP or DP-imitation substances (like Mr. Pibb, Dr. Thunder, etc...) And yes, I will also do Lent b/c I love the practice of it.

Thanks Teresa!

TenaciousT said...

Thanks for answering. I feel very informed now. I completely support you.
And I want you to know that I'm doing my part to keep them in business while you're abstaining.
Have you been to the Dr. Pepper Museum or original Dublin Bottling Factory down here in Texas? I've been to the museum twice, but not the bottling place... you should totally come see them both!