Thursday, February 12, 2009

Talk Thursday//Holidays

A Valentine's Poem:
Roses are red, 
Violets are blue, 
It's Talk Thursday, 
How do you do?
Hallmark's favorite holiday is here
That means this weekend I'll probably need a beer
Not cause I'm bitter or a hater
It's just rough to see everyone else with a mate (r) 
People tell me "It's ok! Jesus was single too!"
I reply "Yeah, and He was also a Jew"
(That makes sense cause I'm not a Jew...)
Cupid and his pals will send heart-shaped pizzas
While me and my pals will heartily eat... those... pizzas.
Alright, this poem officially sucks.
But you all love Talk Thursdays so you read through the muck. 
How do you feel about Valentine's? 
Do you have plans?
Whatever you do, have a happy holiday and don't be gruff.
Enjoy these Valentine's cards that crack my stuff.

 I appreciate the honesty. =)


Anonymous said...

That first cartoon is my favorite! I did have it on my phone and used it as a background for February... but then I dropped that phone sadly in a toilet which ironically is where my love life is too. ;)


JD and Jen said...

amen to both!

Loken said...

I'm excited because I will be spending Valentine's Day with three VERY sexy girls, with wine, pizza and movies. And if the wine kicks in at the right moment, the second Valentine's Day card might just work.
aaaahhhh yeah. ;)

MoMountainGrrl said...

check those out, you might enjoy some of them.

I have no plans for Vday. (VD...cause in my opinion Valentine's Day is the herpes of holidays)

TenaciousT said...

I went to Disney World last weekend and said that was our Valentine's Day gift to each other. pretty good deal... but I do hope to at least get some candy. I love candy.

Nic said...

"Mate(r)" Oh man, that was awesome. My lady is cooking me breakfast in bed. Then I'm cooking supper and then we're going to watch Nights in Rodanthe. It better be good. If one or both of us don't cry (because that is a true judge of Nicholas Sparks) I will be sorely disappointed.

Oh, and I'll probably do laundry that day too.

Jamie said...

This poem is amazingly wonderful!! I love how you rhymed "pizzas" & "pizzas"! :) Which will go nicely with your beer!

I'm officially boycotting valentines day. Well, maybe not entirely - I might splurge $2.99 on some redi-whip - but thats it.