Saturday, December 11, 2010


Let's be real: most of our mothers are not "ghetto fabulous." Generally they don't even know what that means. But sometimes they can surprise. I present textual proof of that.

A verbatim text from my mother this morning at 8.44 am:

Mom: Forgot to tell you there was a girl with apple bottom jeans at church on Sunday. I had never seen them before! She was not going low low low and she did not have boots with the fur. :0)

Most. Amazing. Text. Ever.

Thanks Mom. =)


Stephen said...

She is so hip. I had to have Heather explain this to me because I am waaaaaay less hip than your mother.

Anonymous said...

That is legend.... wait for it.... dary! LEGENDARY! :)


Jen said...

wow - that just made my day.