Thursday, December 9, 2010

Talk Thursday//Year In Statuses

Like many people, I am sucked into random things on Facebook. It's like a Mecca of time-wasting. Everyone knows it...everyone judges it. And since I have much to do and no time to waste of COURSE I spent time last night making one of those now popular "My Year In Statuses" things.

As I perused and picked my Facebook statuses from the last year to add into this collage, I saw that every other status was about one of 4 things: coffee, music, homework, or the weather.

Part of me wonders if that's really what my life revolves around or if that's just what gets put up on Facebook or are those two the same thing? As I look back over 2010, I see homework, stress, Veritas, and my family. But apparently I talk about coffee more than I talk about my church and the weather more than my family.

And I wonder if that's ok.

Now, normally people wait until December 31 to post about poignant year-reflective things, but we're ahead of the curve here. =)

So...if you were to make a list of what it is that you spent your time talking about over 2010, would it be the same thing that you spent your year doing? How did you spend 2010?

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