Thursday, December 23, 2010

Talk Thursday // "In the Schrute family..."

It's no secret that this blogger loves her some traditions. It's kind of amazing that I'm not Catholic or Jewish or something because I love traditions and ritual. It makes me feel connected to things that are bigger than just me.

That being said, we Lewis' have some Christmas traditions. Christmas itself is pretty freaking awesome, you know, the birth of Jesus and all. But these Lewis family traditions make it so much more anticipatory! (Is that even a word?!) When/if I ever get married, I'm not sure how much I'll be willing to flex on giving some of these traditions up or "renovating" them. Maybe it's good I don't want to get married - I'm far too selfish. =)

But in Hephzibah list-style of awesomeness, here's some of the Lewis' family traditions that I am looking forward to (again) this year:

* Christmas Eve light-looking

* An entire bottle of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider in my stocking

* Making & eating sausage balls

* Watching "White Christmas", "The Christmas Box" & "Little Women"

* Going to a Christmas movie

* Listening to Harry Connick Jr's "When My Heart Finds Christmas", Steven Curtis Chapman's "Music of Christmas", Avalon's "Joy" & CeCe Winans Christmas albums on repeat until I can't yuletide no mo'!

* Hopefully a potato famine story from my dad

* Getting worked up when I see the 3 Wise Men in a Nativity Scene =)

And our newest tradition that I hope only has to be intermittant:
* Skyping with the Sister & BIL, which for long periods of time is slightly awkward, but always awesome.

I love Christmas. Mostly because I love Jesus, but also because I appreciate the fact that its a time for us all to stop what we're doing and be together, even if "together" means Skype. It's a time to be with people who know you and love you and want to share in traditions together.
So, what are some of your traditions?

Merry Christmas, everyone!!


Sara said...

Wild rice soup, wine and watching A Christmas Story. :)

Merry Christmas to you too!

-Sara K.

Chris Ryan said...

My favorite tradition was waking the folks up on Christmas morning with Christmas carols played on my saxophone. 7:00 in the morning was a bit early to have the best tone and breath support, but it made do. Then, when that didn't have any effect on actually getting the parentals out of bed, my brother and I would go into their bedroom and jump on the bed. Dad would act grouchy and mom would act too tired to get up and after about 10 minutes alternating bouncing and all just lying there, they would finally get out of bed. We'd read the Christmas story (my role, of course). And then the youngest would play Santa and pass out gifts.

After gifts, mom would cook Christmas brunch (who needs ham when you can have a ham and cheese omelet!) Then we'd go out for a movie. That tradition started when the LotR movies were coming out. It was continued this year with Narnia.

Anonymous said...

Where was this potatoe famine, Europe in the early 1900's? What are sausage balls and can you possibly share the recipe? I understand if it is a family secret.