Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Young At Heart??

It recently high-fived me in the face that I am old.

Not old in the sense that I am physically old (although my chiropractor may beg to differ).

But I'm not a kid anymore.

It's been snowing here like crazy-face. We've had some 18 inches of snowfall in the last week alone.

And I am so irritated. I realized that I only appreciate snow when it is convenient for me. There were days when I would seriously consider "work or not work?" That question is just a different way of saying "$$ or my safety and the safety of others?" I've gone with $$ each time.

Kids, on the other hand, see snow and they think:
"Tobogganing!" "No school!" "Hot chocolate!" "Snowball fights!" "Playday!" "Yippee!"

It makes me sad that I don't have those thoughts. I feel...unyoung at heart. Which is stupid.

Ok...I'm going to figure out a way to play. Even if it means more laundry and being cold.

The kid inside me needs it.
(The metaphorical kid in me. I don't have a bun in the oven or anything. Just to clarify. =) )


Michael Gilley said...

mmmmm bunnnnnn... aagagagrghag[indecipherable gargling noises]

Anonymous said...

Hey, Just discovered your Blog. I hear you on the snow issue. When it snows here, our world stops. Try going for a walk - it clears the head, if you don't crack it open slipping on the ice first! Seriously, you have to admit it is SO peaceful! God's way of slowing us down, and creates great material for poetry!

By the way, what is happening with the Sarah Lewie Seminary Fund? Merry Christmas! Anne L.

Michael Gilley said...

[squichie squich] - remix!

4. A very Merry Christmas eve to you as well.

3. That was my first reaction to your post. I was hungry. Think Homer Simpson.

2. Hebrew is great but Greek helps us understand it since the LXX predates the MT. All is good and neither I'm sure is the language of the angels.

1. I will be flying away from here on the 4th. Sad day.

Matt said...

I wish you would huff and puff and blow REALLY hard and send some of that snow to Missouri (but not 18 inches of it..and don't blow my house over please). Its just sad that you ain't here or I'm not there to have a snowball fight with you...you know I would KICK. YOUR. BUTT.