Monday, December 1, 2008

"Flava" # Dos

December... wow.... I'm astonished. And stuff.

Well, I haven't done any link love since August, but I figured today would be a good day for that. 1) It's Monday 2) Filing = turning my brain to mush 3) Did I mention it's Monday?

So in the spirit of Christmas giving, here are some great blogs to check out. =)

* A Genuine Faith: This is Dr. Rodney Reeves' blog. If you went to SBU, you know him, you love him, now, you too can read him! Even if you didn't go to SBU, he's awesome and you should check it out. Some of it goes over my head. But you people are greatly smarter than me. So enjoy.

* Jesus Blog: This is a collaborative blog that is written by some people I know, some people I don't. But it's always good, always relevant and always honest. And I like those things.

* JustWallpaper & other good stuff: This is one of those people that I don't know from Adam. Randomly I happened across his blog and was hooked. It's creative-y & funny(-y). Those are things I appreicate. So should you.

* SereYodh: Yes, this is my other blog. Finishing up Jonah this week and starting Advent next. Yes, I have just pimped myself. And I'm not ashamed. =)

So there's your opportunity to read some more good stuff.

What are you reading? What do you think we should be reading too? Is it you? Go on ... "pimp" yourself, too. =)


Michael Gilley said...

Nice template. A little easier on the eyes.

Bearskin Rug
I ran across this guy not too long ago and he puts up some of the neatest stuff-visually that is.
Ran across this the other day. It's a site for a wonderful designer. Her blog has got some interesting things in it too.

Want a look into people's hearts?

Curtis Honeycutt said...

Thanks for the link love! ...I am the Just Wallpaper guy.

Here's one that I've gotten into recently:

Brad Ruggles-The Art of Living"