Thursday, December 11, 2008

Talk Thursday // Christmas Love

Excluding baby Jesus, what is your favorite thing about Christmas or the Christmas season?

(Disclaimer: I only excluded baby Jesus so that you wouldn't feel compelled to give that answer out of a sense of necessity, not because I don't think Jesus should be part of Christmas. It was's not like I say "Happy Holidays" or anything....) =)

(And another thing: is it just me or does it look like the sun is rising over Jesus' head? Oh. My. Gosh. "Sun rising"..."Son rising", what?! I love XPoW's!)


Michael Gilley said...

Dear 8 pounds 6 ounces baby Jesus, new born, not even spoken a word yet....

Best thing about Christmas is the feeling in the air; that nostalgia of Christmas past, presence, and future. It is somewhat magical; a moment when all the world seems to be quiet and listen.

word: ressesu - I think a voodoo spell.

Chris.Maples said...

What do I love about Christmas? I don't know. I think it's the quietness of it. It's a time where people accept their connectedness to others.

word: suplin- perhaps a very young supper. I don't know, my humor is replaced by the need to sleep. :D

(Curse you, unknown Michael Gilley for placing the humor bar so high and unattainable! Ressesu! Ressesu until you can't handle it anymore!)

Jamie said...

I love the smell of a pine tree in my living room, decorating 12 dozen sugar cookies with my kids, knowing they will only actually decorate 5, which they load with frosting & red hots and eat right at the table. I love singing along to Amy Grant, Bing Crosby, Harry Connick Jr. & the Chipmunks. I love Christmas jammies, the Jolly Scrooge holiday punch (ask me, I'll give you the recipe!)& Christmas morning crepes with homemade applesauce filling.
I also love watching the Christmas Story & wearing fuzzy socks.

Of course, if you hadn't excluded Sweet Baby Jesus...well, my comment would have been much less secular in nature :)

TenaciousT said...

I think that's the North star shining brightly in the sky above Jesus...

and I can't think of anything I really love about Christmas. I mean, it's alright and all, but I'm definitely more of a Scrooge than a Bob Cratchett...
oh, I thought of something - getting off work for 2 weeks!!
but that's more what I love about being a teacher, cause my last job only gave me 3 days off.

Nicholas Lamar. said...

Ok, first of all, it is a nimbus above Baby Jesu Christo's head. The nimbus denotes the light of God on the Christ child (okay, I made up the last part, but it is called a nimbus - vocabulary word of the day.)

Now that that has been taken care of, my favorite thing about Christmas is the game board night that Sarah's family has every Christmas Eve fully equipped with homemade candies, cookies, and yummy finger foods.

Word verification: swinh - the term coined for basketball teams who skunk their competitions.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd share as well what my favorite non-sweet baby Jesus-related thing is about Christmas. (Wow...that was a freaking ridiculous sentence.)

Christmas lights on the tree. When it's late at night and we're winding our day down, the lights are on the tree and I love just looking at it. We use old school (i.e. most of us kids') ornaments to decorate and its like looking at the history of home.

*sigh* Good times.... =)