Monday, December 8, 2008

Word Verification

I see people leaving hilarious definitions of the word verifications they see when they want to publish a comment. And I think it's awesome.

So...what's yours?


Sarah Lewie said...

Word Verification: atershi

Definition: an alternate hillbilly pronounciation & spelling of the French word "attache"

Example: "Leroy got hisself that new job up in the city. The lady in the store called it an atershi. Lookit - its fancy."

Chris.Maples said...
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Chris.Maples said...

(My last comment had a spelling error, which gave me a tumor, so I had to delete it. Oh-ho, I'm such an elitist jerk.)

WV: Derpl

Definition: Purple, having no rhyming relationship, got lonely one night and combined Green, Brown, Yellow, and Pink.

Needless to say, Purple was not happy with this creation and it was dismissed immediately by Crayola.

Purple went on to live a life in solitude, every now and then feigning relationships by working with the homosexual community.

Derpl is hidden in the Area 51 of the Crayola factory, next to Smilfer, Zrange, and Walt-Disney.

Example: "OMG, IDK, Those shoes are Derpl....

Hey, why are these guys in black coming after me?"

TenaciousT said...

i dont know if i can support something that supports the use of word verifications which i hate hate hate
but i do love you so...

Word: cureabl

Definition: the ability to be cured of dyslexia.

Sentence: John was tired of misspelling words and wondered if he was cureabl.

Disclaimer: I mean no offense to those who actually suffer from dyslexia.

Jamie said...

Haha - oh man. Derpl - thanks for taking that sooo far. Hilarious.

Datokoo - what my 2 year old niece says when presented with something that blows her wee mind.

Ie. Me: "Klohe - look, Aunt Jamie can remove her thumb"

Khloe: "DATOKOO An Damie!"

Chris.Maples said...

Haha, thanks.

And by the way... Cureabl... For the win.

Nicholas Lamar. said...

I am afraid I can not stand next to the magnificence of derpl or cureabl but I'll give this a go. This is much more fun and powerful than my pride.

Word Verification: colit

Definition: The combined efforts of pyromaniacs.

Example: Smokey the Bear wet himself - selfishly using his water storage for his own fear and surprise, rather than selfless sacrifice to save the forest - when he saw the two adolescent Conduct Disorders colit the place ablaze.

PS: I ALWAYS want to type the word verification at the end of every comment I make on every blog but am certain that this is one of the few blogs where I could do that and be accepted rather than treated as a nut job. (I also love run on sentences.)