Saturday, December 6, 2008


* Strongbow is great. 

* It's obvious that I'm getting old when 10pm is super late - even on the weekend. 

* Impromtu girls' night is good for the soul. 

* The first Alli Rogers CD - Always Eden - is incredible. 

* Downtown Seattle at Christmas makes my heart happy. 

* It is highly irritating that some people can get away with wearing pj pants and hoodies to work when I can't even wear open-toed shoes .

* Jokes are always more hilarious when they include Old Testament humor.

* Even things that were once considered evil and wrong, can begin to grow on a person after time (in my case, the Gaither Vocal Band and maybe, somewhere down the road, bananas).

* My new Chanukah candles are awesome. 

* Books are like can never get enough.

* I miss being around guys. 

* God confuses me, but I guess that's just part of His charm. 


Jamie said...

i second asterisk #5 - my hotel room had a view of macy's and a giant christmas tree oh and the ferries. i'll be posting on my blog tomorrow.

Loken said...

Look at me! I'm reading your blog, and glad I did.
Love the observation about Old Testament humor jokes. :) Good times.