Thursday, December 4, 2008

Talk Thursday // Deserted Island

Deserted Island

You all know how this game is played.

Imagine you're stranded on a deserted island, all by yourself, for an indefinite period of time. Assuming there are survival resources on the island with you, what 5 items do you take with you? Are you more practical or indulgent or both? How will you stay sane?

I love Talk Thursdays!! =)

And Jonah wrap-up on SereYodh


Michael Gilley said...

Hope these count.

1. Satellite phone with capability to attach to my laptop so I can check facebook and watch netflix.

2. laptop

3. Hunting pack (includes knifes, shelter material, first aid, etc.)

4. Rum, you've gotta have the Rum

5. A belt of my favorite books + one I haven't read.

Chris.Maples said...

If I'm stranded then it's most likely that I did not sign up for this sort of endeavor and therefore probably didn't get the chance to choose.


So my most likely five items o' sanity would be:

1. Wallet. Since I'm the only one there, I'm the richest debt-tard around! Suh-weet.

2. Glasses. Yup. I wear 'em a lot so maybe I can use them to make flashy signals at passerby planes or fry some ants for fun.

3. Clothing. Though, if I'm the only one around, that island automatically becomes a no pants zone.

4. Probably my cell phone. Though, with no towers and a poor battery life, I now have a boomerang that doesn't return. Maybe I can use it to hunt like a man... with no pants.

5. Most likely I have a necklace of some sort of which to use to either A) strangle small animals for use of eatins, or B) make a failed attempt at suicide.

Though, if I got to know ahead of time, I'd pick the following:

1. Jack Daniels.
2. Machete. Because nothing says drunk man with no pants like a gigantic knife.
3. Flint. I don't know how to use it, but I have an indefinite amount of time to fail majestically with it.
4. Toilet paper. I'm a pansy and have a weird thing about leaves. The whole deal makes me nervous.
5. And last, but not least, The Survival Guide for Dummies. Yes.

Jamie said...

I'm assuming that highspeed internet access falls under the "survival resources" heading.
Here are my five items:

1. Diet pepsi
2. MacBook Pro (I don't have one now, but on the island, I will need it)
3. Sketchbook (I'll use a sharpened scorched twig for my pencil)
4. Tweezers
5. Photos of the fam

TenaciousT said...

your mom

Sarah Lewie said...

In my world, "survival resources" include: food, water, shelter-esque things of sorts and Bible. Therefore, my 5 things would be:

1. Laptop, which has music and movies and pictures, to keep me somewhat entertained.

2. Journal, because I don't want to become like Tom Hanks in "Castaway" talking to a volleyball when I could very well just talk to myself.

3. A hammock

4. My own Dr. Pepper brewing machine

5. A Kindle with as many books as I can pack into it

@ Teresa - my mom = 5 things? Ooooohhh...I'm gonna tell her you said that!

@ Maples - a no pants zone...good to know. You know, in case I were to come visit you on said stranded, deserted island.

JD & Jen said...

i'm going to go with sarah's list except instead of laptop, toilet paper. and wrap the hammock around my pillow.

MoMountainGrrl said...


1. A gun.
2. Lots and Lots of Bullets.
(A girl has to eat.)
3. Matches to start a signal well as a cooking fire.
4. A razor. I don't want to look like a Sasquatch when the Marines rescue me.
5. The complete works of Jane Austen.
(A girl has to read)

Anonymous said...

I would be too busy trying to hide from the others to worry about anything else. I'm sure that eventually I would find one the hidden hatches. I hope I find Jack or Sawyer.