Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mothers Are Always Right

My mother DESPERATELY wants to move to Arizona. She loves the dry air, little rainfall and cacti. Ok, so that last one I'm not sure of, but I know she loves the great Southwest. I've said since she began this "Arizona" nonsense that if she were to move there (or Texas or Kansas), I would not follow. She and my dad would be all by their lonesome in the desert.

But since the weather in the Puget Sound has required that I put on two coats just to keep from shivering all day long, I'm now reconsidering my aforementioned prejudices to residing in Arizona or Texas (since Heather and Stephen will be in Waco...maybe I'll transfer to Truett.) Or maybe I'll just pray that God sends me on a mission to Hawaii. Sure, that'll do. =)

Kansas, you're still dead to me.


Anonymous said...

*shakes fist*



Christopher Maples said...

I'll go with you to Texas. :D

Unless I have to go to grad-school somewhere else.

Stephen said...

If you turned the heat on in your apartment once in a while you wouldn't have to wear two coats in there.

Chris Ryan said...


Of course, it snowed here the other day, too. But, for going out, one coat has sufficed thus far!

JD said...

if you want to stay warm in the winter, don't come to kansas. the low last night was -2. but if you like hot, this is the place to be in the summers!

TenaciousT said...

Stay strong on the Kansas one - I support you 100%
and COME TO TEXAS! Sure, it snowed the other day, but it was the beautiful light snow that makes you actually have a positive association with winter.
and then this weekend, it's going to be back up to the 70s.
Plus, I'm here and there are TONS of seminaries to choose from! So "Bring It On Down to Texas-Ville!" (surely you're a JT on SNL fan..?)

Jenny said...

all I have to say is "pshaw" to your prejudice toward Kansas. Some of the world's best people came from that state.... myself, for example. And, really... what would the world be without me....