Friday, December 4, 2009

Rockin' the Yuletide

As an iTunes/procrastination junkie, I made myself the Ultimate Christmas mix last night. And I wanted to share.

* All I Want for Christmas is You, Mariah Carey

* Another Christmas Song, Stephen Colbert (A Colbert Christmas)

* Baby, It's Cold Outside, Dean Martin feat. Martina McBride (Christmas with Dino)

* Behold the Lamb of God, Andrew Peterson (Behold the Lamb of God)

* Christmas Eve, Sarajevo 12/24, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Christmas Eve & Other Stories)

* The Christmas Song, 'N Sync (Home for Christmas)

* Don't Save It all for Christmas Day, Avalon (Joy)

* Hallelujah, David Phelps (One Wintry Night)

* Handel's Messiah: Hallelujah Chorus, Oliver Von Dohnayi: Slovak National Philharmonic Orchestra

* I Pray On Christmas, Harry Connick, Jr. (When My Heart Finds Christmas)

* Joy (to the World), Avalon (Joy)

* Labor of Love, sung by Jill Philips (Behold the Lamb of God, Andrew Peterson)

* A Mad-Russian's Christmas, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Christmas Eve & Other Stories)

* Matthew's Begats, Andrew Peterson (Behold the Lamb of God)

* Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, 'N Sync (Home for Christmas)

* O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, Casting Crowns (Peace on Earth)

* O Holy Night, David Phelps (One Wintry Night)

* The Singer [Let There Be Light], David Phelps (One Wintry Night)

* Sleigh Ride, Harry Connick, Jr. (When My Heart Finds Christmas)

* There's Still Magic, Alli Rogers (The Silent Stars EP)

What are your Christmas music must-haves?


Sara said...

I am sad that you did not include any Elvis Presley or Bing Crosby!
Bing Crosby IS Christmas. Well, him and Jesus.

Sarah Lewie said...

If I had a copy of "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby, I would have put him on my list.

Next list: best Christmas movies of all time. Rest assured, that one is on there. =)

Erica Grubaugh said...

WOOT on the O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. I keep telling myself I'm going to write an a capella arrangement of that for choir one of these days. =D

But I gotta have me some Carol of the Bells. And other older madrigalesque stuff.

Christopher Maples said...

O Come, O Come Emmanuel is def hawt. :D Also, O Holy Night by Martina McBride is fantastic. And Celine Dion's Christmas stuff is good. Sarah McLachlan's Christmas stuff is odd.

WV: enimmene: what we get when the M&M factory is taken over by those with dyslexia.

Sara said...

I completely forgot about this song until hearing it on the radio the other day, but I absolutely love 98 degrees "This Gift." Maybe because it makes me feel like I'm 15 again, but it's also a pretty good song. :)

Megan said...

My mom has a lot of Christmas music on vinyl and one of my favorites is Bing Crosby doing Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful). Something about the scratchy vinyl just makes it so much better! I also can't go without A Prairie Home Companion Christmas CD. No one else knows what that means but it totally makes my Christmas!