Thursday, December 24, 2009

Talk Thursday // Maranatha

For those of you hoping that the title of this post was in reference to the awesomeness that was contemporary Christian worship music of the '70's, 80's and 90's (including the Duke of Awesome: Psalty the Singing Songbook), sorry. It's not about that. Rest assured, one day when I can expound the awesome enough, there will be a post about Maranatha music, but until that day comes, the one or two of you that even know/care what I'm talking about will just have to wait.

Oh look! That's what we're talking about! *Segue!!!*

Sidenote: I think I've been reading webcomics too much brain moves differently now than it did 24 hours ago...

If you didn't know, we are currently in the Season of Advent (based on the Christian calendar). It's the 4 week long season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The word Advent comes from the Latin word, which means "coming", which is similar to the Greek phrase Maranatha (you see how I made that connection?...yeah).

This season was designed initially as a time to spend fasting and praying as Christians waited for the coming celebration of the birth of the Messiah. It was like the Nov/Dec version of Lent. In that time, pastors and priests would preach on the expectation of the arrival of the Christ-child, and how that expectation was manifested in our lives.

It was a time of self-denial in anticipation of a coming celebration.

Cause who doesn't want to celebrate a birth? Who doesn't want to celebrate the hope of new life? Who doesn't want to celebrate life in general?

That's what Jesus' birth brought. Like the majority of all births, there was the sheer joy of the birth of a child. Unlike the majority of babies, this particular baby carried with Him the hope of a future new life. He was called Immanuel, which means "God with us." He was known as the Messiah, the Savior, the Anointed One.

In birth, He came as the hope of parents. He came as the hope of Israel.

In His life, death and resurrection, Jesus ended up being the hope of the whole world. He ended up being the hope for life after death. He gave the world the inauguration of true hope.

Hope in life.
Hope in faith.
Hope in the midst of persecution and trials.
Hope in death.
Hope in God.

So how does that go with waiting? Glad you asked.

Right now, the season of Advent waits to begin the celebration of the birth of the Messiah. But beyond that, the world and mankind wait for the return of the King. (like I said, too many webcomics...)

Our lives are full of expectancy. We wait for the bus, we wait for our paychecks, we wait for new shows, new gadgets, more time.

But the whole world is waiting for the coming of God. We hope in the midst of the waiting. We say Maranatha - "Come Lord."

In the meantime, we celebrate. And party-hardy

What are you waiting for? What are you hoping for? What are you hoping in? What are you celebrating?

Merry Christmas!!!!!

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