Thursday, December 3, 2009

Talk Thursday // Life Lessons

There are many things I've learned in the course of my life.

Some have been poignant: sometimes learning from other people's mistakes costs less than learning from your own.

Some have been not so poignant but still ultimately helpful: remember to check your bank account before making big purchases.

It is in this vein that I present to you, Sarah's life lesson #847: always listen to your hair stylist. Especially the week before your sister's wedding.

What are some life lessons that you've learned? Care to share so we can avoid unnecessary pain? Have you learned any recently?


Megan said...

peep toe shoes in snow just don't work. They just don't.

MoMountainGrrl said...

my grandpa always says: it takes a mighty big dog to weigh a ton.


However, he also said "it's okay to let a boy talk you in to a dress, but never let him talk you out of it."

That's my favorite pearl of wisdom from Glendon.

Sara said...

When it's 0 degrees, beverages left in car over night freeze, and gloves are a must!

Sara said...

Life is one big fat surprise, so don't ever expect it to work out the way you planned.

And also, foil in the microwave is not a bright idea.

-Kempey :)

Stephen said...

I think your hair looks good, FSIL.

Christopher Maples said...

No matter how complicated the problem at hand, it can always take something simple to feel better, at least for a while.

And also, word verification can be hours of fun (well, at least a a minute or two)

Sarah Lewie said...

Also, really nice Starbucks mugs with metal in them are not microwave appropriate. =( Even if they do make really pretty blue lightening flashes in the microwave.

Sarah Lewie said...

And thank you FBIL. I appreciate that. =)

Sara said...

Another one learned just today, an unopened Diet Coke can, left in the car, will explode if temperatures get to low.